Essence Glow Like A Mermaid Highlighter

The highlighting powder with six radiant colours including yellow, purple and turquoise is reminiscent of a mermaid’s tail and provides the cheeks and face with the shimmering glow of a magical underwater world. Those who love the sparkle of the surface of the ocean will love this highlighter as it creates a unique glow

1.900 KD 1.9 KWD

1.900 KD

SKU: PE105

Glow Like A Mermaid Highlighter


This new (is it new? I’m not too sure. I think it’s somewhat new?) Essence mermaid highlighter is GOOOOOOD. For the price? It’s IMPRESSIVE. The pigmentation is definitely there, it’s not chalky nor obscenely glittery, and it’s pretty! 

The finish is almost iridescent - and the colors blend really beautifully into one another. My picture is not doing justice. It actually reflects different colors in diff lights, exactly like how a mermaid tail would look like if there’s one, I imagine!


Lol u can’t tell how pretty it is but it’s really very glowy and I love it. I can’t stop using it. I use all my powder highlights on top of my Vely Vely 3D highlighter cause me can’t live without dat.


Not of the same day but I wanted to show u all this new fave highlight combi I use. I dab some of the Innisfree Smart Drawing Strobing (01) and then I lightly brush on the Essence Glow Like A Mermaid Highlighter and BAM. I’m blinding the world. 

I took this in a Grabshare and I was seated in front, pretty sure the driver was judging me hahahaha 

I got a new highlighter (also drugstore) from Catrice earlier this week and it looked extremely promising. Will try it later! 

I can feel myself falling back in love with makeup; esp. drugstore makeup. I’ve been buying SO MUCH from drugstore and I love how the quality has improved massively and not only that, so many overseas brands are finally coming in. I am gonna compile and do a Drugstore Must-Buy post soon!

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" Essence Glow Like A Mermaid Highlighter "

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