Solar Home Lighting System AT-9006

Key Features
3 x 3W LED bulbs
3W Solar Panel
Solar and AC rechargeable
5 metre bulb cables with individual switch

2.900 KD 2.9 KWD

2.900 KD

SKU: TO020

Get this high quality solar kit for your offgrid lighting and emergency lighting in the event of a blackout. Order online now on Jumiaand have it delivered to your doorstep.
FeaturesSelf equipped with three 3W energy saving bulbs, the light source adoptd green environmental protection and high brightness white LEDSelf matching USB line with 5 chargers that can charge all kinds of digital electronic products, mobile phones, digital cameras, gaming machines and other small devicesSelf matching 9V 3W solar panels, 8V-500mA charger.
ChargingFirst, the charger end is inserted directly into the AC 110-240V 50/60Hz power outlet and the charger's DC plug is connected to the product. The charger indicator will be red, it turns to green when the battery is full (about 8 hours)

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" Solar Home Lighting System AT-9006 "

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