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لوشن التبييض بالبابايا من سيلكا ، 200 مل

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Product Description
Silka Papaya Lotion:-
Experience the richness of Silka Papaya Lotion. Its new improved formulation helps whiten and maintain thatfairer, youthful glow on your skin.

Whitens: Combines the efficacy of Papaya Enzyme and BHA that help lift off dead skin cells, revealinga clear, fresh, younger looking layer. Vitamin B3 helps whiten your skin from within for a fairer,more evenskin tone.

Nourishes: Enriched with gentle moisturizers and skin conditioners that help keep your skin hydrated forthat soft and supple feel.

Protects: With SPF6 protection that helps shield your skin from the darkening effects of the sun's UVrays. Enhanced with Vitamin E to protect you from the premature aging effects of sunlight and pollution.

Directions for Use: Smooth all over your body after bath, concentrating on darker spots.For best results, use regularly.

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لوشن التبييض بالبابايا من سيلكا ، 200 مل